Cataract Lens Implants, Lens Implannts, Lens implants for cataract surgery
Cataract Lens Implants

By Francis D'Ambrosio, Jr., M.D.

About Lens Implants
A cataract lens implant is a tiny permanent plastic intraocular lens (IOL) that is carefully placed and positioned inside the eye as part of your cataract surgery in order to help you see clearly. At D'Ambrosio Eye Care, our cataract surgeons use many types of intraocular lens implants to correct vision after cataract surgery. Together, we work with patients to select the type of lens implant that will provide you with the best results to match your lifestyle and activities after cataract surgery. These different types of lens implants include monofocal lens implants, which are the most basic type of lens implant and only correct distance vision and not arm’s length, or close reading vision. Our aspheric lens implants offer a higher quality of distance vision, but still do not correct arms’ length or close reading vision. Advanced technology lens implants include toric lens implants for those patients with astigmatism and near vision presbyopia correcting Multifocal Lens Implants, like the Tecnis? Multifocal Lens Implant and the AcrySof? ReSTOR? Multifocal IOL, which correct distance vision, arm’s length vision, and close reading vision for most patients as well as the Crystalens? Accommodating Lens Implant.

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