Macular Hole

Macular Hole

Macular hole is a condition that affects the very central portion of the retina.  A macular hole may occur for a number of reasons including eye injuries, inflammation inside the eye and most commonly, the normal aging process. As we age, the vitreous gel in the back of our eye becomes more liquefied and often results in a Vitreous Detachment with associated floaters.  Sometimes, when the vitreous “pulls” too hard it can actually form a macular hole.


Complete or Full Thickness Macular Holes affect all the layers of the macula, often begin slowly but usually will severely affect the central vision. Partial Thickness Macular Holes, or Pseudoholes, holes may only affect part of the macular layers, causing wavy, distorted or blurred vision or they can occur as full thickness holes causing a complete loss of central vision that may become progressively worse.

Symptoms of Macular Hole

The severity of the symptoms of macular hole depends on whether the hole is partial thickness or full thickness, but in general may include the following:

  • Blurred Central Vision
  • Distorted, “Wavy” Vision
  • Difficulty reading or seeing fine detail even with glasses
  • Grayish Area in Central Vision
  • Central Blind Spot or “Dark Spot”