Frame & Lens Styling

Frame & Lens Styling

Our Opticians and Optical Staff
Our knowledgeable and licensed opticians take pride in their ability to treat every patient as if you were coming into their home. They want you to feel comfortable and happy to be here while you work with them to find that perfect pair of eyeglasses. They will review the many types of lenses, frames, and features we have available to you, and they can answer all of your questions. If you want to know more about those Crizal® No Glare Lenses, Varilux® Progressive Lenses, or Transitions® Brand Signature color changing lenses you see advertised, or any other product, just ask us.

Eyeglass Frame Styling

Choosing the perfect frame can be much harder than you think. There are hundreds of frames at each of our locations and it can be overwhelming. Our Opticians have the knowledge and experience to choose frames that enhance your best features, fit comfortably, and work with your personal eyeglass prescription. There is so much to think about…what frames will look good on me, what is my personal style, what color compliments my skin tone or even will my lenses look and work good in this frame. We can help you navigate through all those questions so you end up loving your new frame without question! Throughout the year we visit with our frame vendors and purchase the latest styles and brands so you always have the most current and trendy selection available to you.

Don’t forget the Sunwear! Most of our designer brands have a display of prescription ready sunglass frames. For the sports enthusiast, golfer, hunter, motorcyclist, or cyclist, etc. we have options for you as well in our frame and lens offerings. Come on in and talk to our professionals today.

Current Brands on Display-More On The Way!
7 Eye Banana Republic BeBe Carrera
Chesterfield Calvin Klein Claiborne for Men DB4K
Gucci Kate Spade Liz Claiborne Maui Jim
Nautica Nike Nine West Scott Harris
Silhouette Draper James Marc Jacobs Etnia
Jimmy Choo Taylor Madison Long Champ MODO
Cole Haan Joseph Abboud Ray Ban Tommy Hilfiger
Nano Vista Polaroid Michael Ryen


Eyeglass Lenses Styling
Your eyeglass frame may show off your sense of style or fit comfortably but the most important part of your new pair of eyewear is your lenses. That’s the point of getting eyeglasses in the first place, right? Your eyewear prescription is as unique as you are and there are hundreds of different lens options out there for you. Here at D’Ambrosio Optical Center we would like to make the process of choosing your lenses as easy as possible. Especially for a new wearer, it can be tricky spending money on something you cannot see until you pick them up and we understand that. Our staff is constantly being trained and introduced to the latest technology and they have the experience needed to recommend quality products for every prescription, lifestyle need, and budget. Our doctors work very closely with our opticians so we can work together to fit you into the lenses that will enhance, improve and protect your sight! Ever wonder why some eyeglasses are so cheap and others more costly? Ask us the difference, we are here to help.

Lens Styles and Options

Single Vision: Correct for one distance: Near (reading), Intermediate (computer, dashboard, etc.) or Distance.

Progressive “No-Line” Lenses: We only use lenses with the latest technology to ensure easy adaptation and edge to edge clarity. Trust us when we say there are hundreds of lens designs and some are just not going to give you the sight you deserve! These lenses are for presbyopic patients; people who need correction for reading, who want to see far, near and everywhere in between.

Specialty Lenses: We offer a wide range of lenses to accommodate any visual need including activities like computer use, sports, hobbies, work, safety and more.

Transitions®: We always use the latest technology and top rated photochromic such as Transitions® brand lenses. These lenses adjust their darkness depending on the amount of light. Transitions® brand lenses now offer a lens for every user, they even have polarized options.

Non-Glare: We take pride in only offering the highest quality in non-glare, such as Crizal®. This lens feature has 4 main advantages. It improves vision for both day and night by reducing bright sunlight or glare from oncoming night traffic. It decreases eye fatigue, including fatigue caused by computer work. When others are looking at you, it reduces the reflections on the lens surface so they see you and not the glare. These lenses are also durable, easy to clean, and stay clean. Non-Glare is also available with HEV Blue Light protection.

Polarized Sunglasses: These lenses are the best for reducing bright sunlight glare and they produce excellent outdoor contrast. They protect against harmful UV sun rays; consider them sun block for your vision. We also wouldn’t want you to drive without them as they reduce the glare reflected off hoods, dashboards, and they reduce the glare caused by driving towards the sun. Ever drive Route 2 towards Boston in the early morning? You wouldn’t want to without polarized sunglasses. Ever fish without polarized lenses? Trust me-you are not seeing all the fish awaiting bait. A pair of quality polarized sunglasses is a must for every eyewear wardrobe.

Banana Republic


Kate Spade

Liz Claiborne

Nine West

Marc Jacobs

Jimmy Choo